5th World University Bridge Championship


General and Technical Regulation of the Championship


The 5th World University Bridge Championship (herein after referred to as Championship) organized by the International University Sports Federation (FISU) will take place from August 2nd to 9th, 2010 in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei. This championship is supervised by the Sports Affairs Council and the Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation (CTUSF) is the organizing committee with the assistance of Kaohsiung City Government, Chinese Taipei Contract Bridge Association, Bridge Committee of CTUSF and National Sun Yat-sen University.


Competition Venue and Provisional Program

  This championship will take place in the Info-library Building of National Sun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung city and the general program is as follows:
  - August 2nd, 2010:Arrival
  - August 3rd, 2010:CISCA meeting, Technical meeting and Opening Ceremony
  - August 4th -9th, 2010: Competitions
  - August 9th, 2010: Closing Ceremony
  - August 10th, 2010: Departure

  Detailed daily program with competition schedule will be available in the 2nd Bulletin and the web site of the Championship:


Technical Rules

  The Championship will be run in accordance with the most recent technical rules of the World Bridge Federation(WBF)and related rules stipulated by FISU.



University Teams



  Each country is authorized to enter two (2) teams of seventeen (17) persons composed of a maximum of twelve (12) competitors (one team with at most 6 competitors) and five (5) officials.
  The event will be disputed by teams of four (4) players and each team will meet each other.



  According to FISU regulations, only the competitors who satisfy the following conditions may take part in this championship:
  a) be a citizen of the nation (region) he/she represents;
  b) be at least 17 and less than 28 years of age on January 1st of 2010; (born between January 1, 1982 and December 31, 1992)
  c) be a student who is currently officially registered as proceeding towards a degree or diploma at a university or similar institute whose status is recognized by the appropriate national academic authority of his/her country (region);
  d) be a former student of an institution mentioned in (c) who has obtained the academic degree or diploma in the year preceding the event.


Confirmation of Accredited Competitors

  At the first General Technical Meeting, the head of Delegation or its representative shall confirm and sign the official list of the competitors accredited by the CISCA.



Team Prizes:
  Trophies inscribed with “FIRST PLACE, SECOND PLACE AND THIRD PLACE” are awarded respectively to the top three teams with team members awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.

  A Commemorative Diploma will be presented to all official participants of the Championship.


Deadlines for Entries

  General Entries (engagement of participation): February 28th, 2010
  Quantitative Entries (number of participants): May 2nd, 2010
  Payment of Deposit (25%): May 2nd, 2010
  Nominative Entries (names of participants): July 2nd, 2010

  All entry forms may be sent by any electronic ways of communication or telefax to the organizing committee in order to meet the required entry deadlines, but they must be confirmed as soon as possible in writing on the official forms.


Financial Conditions

a. FISU Registration Fee:
 - effective member-associations of FISU: 20 Euros per competitor and official;
 - other association: 40 Euros per competitor and official

  FISU registration fees will be collected by the CISCA before the issue of the competitors’ identity cards.

b. Participation Fee:
  60 Euros per person per day paid to the Organizing Committee by each participating country. The fee covers the costs of accommodations, meals, local transportation, social activities, etc.



  All participating countries are requested to pay to the following bank a prepayment of 25% of participation fees for each athlete and official by May 2nd, 2010, simultaneously with forwarding the Nominative Entry Form, and upon their arrival, pay to the Organizing Committee the remaining balance:
  Bank: Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Taipei Branch
  Address: No.55, Fu-Hsing N. Road, Taipei 105, Taiwan
  Receiver: Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation
  Account No.: 0540-717-155895
  Telex: 17176, 23749, TACBID
  Fax: 886-2-27518019
  Tel: 886-2-27724277



  The Accreditation Center will be set up at the Hotel Kingdom.


Medical Service

  The Organizing Committee will provide sufficient medical service for the Championship. Nearby Hospitals are committed to provide immediate treatment for the Championship.



  The Organizing Committee will do its utmost to guarantee the safety of all participants.



  Most countries around the world are eligible for visa-exempt entry to Taiwan; however, if there is any query as to visa, you may approach our representative office in your country, who will provide you with as much information and assistance as possible in this regard.


International travel costs

  Participating country shall be responsible for its delegation’s international travel costs to and from Kaohsiung.


Delegation’s flag

  For the purpose of opening and closing ceremonies, the participating delegations are requested to bring with them 2 national/regional flags (96 x 144cm) as duly registered with FISU.


Some practical tidbits

  Climate: Taiwan’s climate is subtropical, with average temperature of 25-30 degree C in August.
  Currency: Taiwan’s unit of currency is the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$). The exchange rate is around NT$47 to EUROS 1 at a rough estimate in December of 2009.
  Electricity and Water: Electric current used throughout Taiwan is 110 volt AC, 60 cycles. Drinking water served in the village and hotels is bottled or boiled.